10 Best Inversion Table |Decide Which Is Best For You

10 Best Inversion Table |Decide Which Is Best For You

Best Inversion Table

Guide for Best Inversion Table

Inversion Tables are used to raise feet above the head to alter the gravity effect on the back. Gravity is responsible for disc and joints compression when you sit or stand, so Inversion therapy is used to relieve this compression that can help in reducing back pain. That’s why an inversion table can make your life easy if you are suffering from back pain. Some studies suggest that inversion therapy reduces the need for back surgery. Not only this, it can provide temporary relief from some other problems like chronic low back pain, herniated disc, and sciatica. As inversion table benefits are real, the best inversion table can give you relaxation and provide noticeable pain relief.

So here we are providing you with some best picks if you are looking for the best inversion table for inversion therapy:

1. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Do you want to limit your investment, and you just want to relieve your muscles a little or work on your blood circulation? The Innova Health and Fitness ITX9600 is one of the most accessible inversion tables in terms of price, its efficiency is modest, but it offers good performance in terms of comfort. If you are looking for a heavy-duty inversion table, then Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table is the best option for you. It has a 300lb user weight capacity. It is one of the comfortable inversion tables that has many new features. It has large backrest pads, and handlebars are also soft to touch. One thing that makes this product best is its comfortable and east inversion. Its large big backrest allows the person with heavy size to use it comfortably. Each user can find their center of gravity due to its ITX9600’s True Balance System.

Its Six Angle slot system guarantees safer and consistent inversion. It has a height-adjustable tube so any person with any body type can use it freely. It is consists of a 6-Angle pin system with a protective cover that can help the user to adjust the six-pin system easily. For this, you just have to position the pin at your desired angle. By doing this, your inversion will be safe, comfortable, and consistent. For the smoothest and comfortable inversion experience, its true balance system features three adjustable features. Its true balance structure enables the user to adjust the height, headrest pad, and foot to manage the center of gravity. To make the inversion experience more comfortable, it has an ergonomic ankle holding system. But one thing you should keep in your mind is Whenever you think to use the inversion table, first consult a licensed physician.

  • High quality with less price.
  • Can be used by a wide range of people.
  • Excellent 6 pin system.
  • Hard to hold
  • There are half cuffs and half foam roller on the ankle lock system

2. Innova ITM5900 Advanced Inversion Table

No need to go four ways. What is the point of this table is the huge massage and heating cushion that the team has. Once you have tasted it, it becomes difficult to go without. You can choose between manual and automatic mode using a remote control. This makes the product particularly comfortable, which is further enhanced by the possibility of adjusting both the headrest and the position of the backrest. Users between 4ft-10″ to 6ft-6″, weighing up to 136 kg, 300 lbs, can enjoy it.

As with most models available, you can adjust the angle with a pin, from 30 to 85 °. Five positions are available. A bar to be placed on the ankle supports is present to reduce the pressure exerted.

We express a caveat on the price-quality ratio of the product. The steel tubes are strong, and we had no problem. But when it comes time to fold, for example, we are a little less confident than with other models in the same range.

However, let’s end on a positive note: assembly seemed fairly simple and intuitive to use, even if it undoubtedly requires a little time. In addition, folding, which is done all the same without too much difficulty, really saves space during storage. You can completely plan a closet for this purpose.

  • Hyper relaxing with the massage cushion
  • Very easy to learn
  • Price a little too high in our opinion
  • Decent quality but a little disappointing for this price

3. Innova ITM4800 Massage Inversion Table

When assembled, this best inversion table board may look a bit sketchy. You wouldn’t necessarily be wrong to think so: its functionalities are not numerous, but they have the very big advantage of being well-integrated and easy to understand. In other words, it is a device without any fuss. For your comfort, you have an adjustable headrest cushion, as well as a heating massage cushion. The latter also gives you an excellent feeling of well-being, especially since you benefit from two modes: either manual or automatic.

Your comfort is therefore assured, but we must point out a slight downside. When you sit at the table, you must insert your ankles in the dedicated supports. However, this requires bending down, which is not ideal if you suffer from back pain. Once in position, no more problems to note, even the head upside down! For gripping, you can grab the handles wrapped in foam.

The table can accommodate people measuring  4.1 to 6.6 ft and weighing a maximum of 300 lbs. It should be noted that this is excellent versatility in this range, which covers the needs of a majority of users. In terms of solidity, here you are faced with an honest product, guaranteed for one year and able to last a little longer than that. The initial investment being light, it is more than reasonable. The frame is constructed of Steel. Be aware that this is a somewhat bulky item that cannot be folded up for storage.

According to inversion table reviews, The Innova ITM4800 is not a high-end inversion table. But it is pleasant to use, easy to handle, safe, and its value for money stands out from the competition. We, therefore, recommend it without hesitation, there is little chance that you will be disappointed!

  • As simple as it is effective
  • Average price observed very advantageously
  • Slightly recessed strength
  • Non-foldable
  • Uncomfortable ankle supports

4. Innova ITX9700 Table Memory Foam Lumbar Pad

It is one of the best heavy-duty inversion tables having many attractive features that may not be present in other inversion tables. It offers a lumbar adjustable memory foam pad to provide better support for your spinal. Accessory of well-being, this best inversion table for lower back pain is effective for acting against significant muscle pain. Capable of supporting a weight of 300lb, the equipment is safe, sturdy, and practical. Its soft-touch handlebars and large backrest pad play an important role in providing easy and comfortable inversion. This ITX9700 Inversion Table has a wonderful feature for users is to find their unique center of gravity.

To ensure safety, consistency, and the best user experience, this best inversion table has a Six Angle Pin System. One feature that makes this inversion table more attractive is its true balance system with a double adjustment structure. This feature is not available in all inversion tables. It gives the users a smooth and comfortable experience. This truly balanced structure can be used to adjust height and headrest pad to micromanage the center of gravity. Your inversion position can be more comfortable, safe, and consistent due to its 6-angle pin system, which is with protective cover. The product can accommodate people between  4ft-10 into 6ft-6in.1.24 and 2 m, or 4.1 and 6.6 ft, and weighing 300 lbs.

  • Very Safe
  • Too big and bulky

5. Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table 

Health Gear will help you to choose the best option for you. This Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table is the best in the market, with a high rating of 1720 points. It is ergonomically designed with Four-inch memory-style foam backrest, which is designed with a contour that makes it extra comfortable and supportive. It has a vibrating massage pad that can be removed, and it is controlled by a remote which have multiple therapeutic full-back heat functionalities. To prevent calf pinching, there are Sur-lock ankle support systems that can be in and out easily, and they are with four adjustable oversized and high-density leg rollers.

To ease in entering and exiting the table, there is an extra-long locking arm to minimize back bending. It can handle weight up to 300lb. It is best for persons with a height of 5’1 to 6’5. It provides a simple way to adjust heights. There are four positions 20, 40, 60, and 90 side inversion pin system. It is very convenient for storage and portable. It can be folded to cover less space and has built-in transport wheels. Very high-duty Steel is used in its construction with non-marring floor caps. This Health Gear is tested at 50 point performance to test its safety.

  • It is made up of high-duty Steel.
  • It is tested for safety.
  • It can be folded.
  • It is convenient to use.
  • It can handle weight only up to 300 pounds.
  • It is made for persons whose height is only from 5’1 to 6’5.

6. Finer Form Multi-Functional Full All-in-One Body Workout

We have provided you some of the salient specifications of Multi-Functional Bench to help you in your choice. This multi-Functional Weight Bench is very popular in the market with 5075 ratings. The brand name of this Multi-Functional Weight Bench is FF Finer Form. It weighs 8 kilograms. The material used in it is Steel. This bench has multiple qualities and is used for multiple workouts. It is used in different workouts like muscle workouts, abs, back, chest, glutes, hamstrings, and core workouts.

This Multi-Functional Weight Bench is made up of high-grade Steel. The powder used in its construction is scratch-resistant and is used to do very hard exercise routines. Its one flat and two decline bench settings with 4-foot adjustments and eight thigh support cushions made it very highly adjustable for smooth heights. It does not wobble or shake. The extra tubes attached to it give it a triangular structure which helps it to handle weight up to 660 pounds which provides very stable support to the body during workouts. You can do dozens of exercises on this Multi-Functional Weight Bench due to its high quality and a good range of prices.

  • It can handle weights up to 660 lbs.
  • The powder used in its construction makes it resistant to scratches.
  • It is used in Multiple Workouts.
  • It only handles 660 pounds weight.
  • It is unfoldable.
  • It cannot be inclined.

7. FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench, Multi-Purpose Foldable bench

We have provided you with a few of the salient features of the FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench, which will help you to choose according to your desire. FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench is the best chair for the eight Olympics and at this time, its rating points are 1400 in the market. The material used in this Adjustable Bench is Faux Leather. It is available in a grey color. The weight of this adjustable bench is 650 pounds. The Three unique cushions with small gaps and soft foam padding are very comfortable and ergonomic. There are waist pads in this Adjustable bench that provide support to your body and help you do effective exercise.

Frosted Steel and Stable Triangular Structure provide you a great experience during gym. It can bear weight up to 650 pounds which makes it more sturdy and durable. It can be inclined to 6 back positions and 4 seat positions. The foam pad helps you during the full-body workout. It is very stable due to antiskid plastic caps and 3 bolts. It is pre-installed so you don’t need to install any screws you just have to insert three pins to start your exercise. It is easy to carry and foldable. You can put it anywhere.

It is easy to clean and there would be no wrinkles after using it. It is stitched precisely which makes the cushion unbearable.  It is best for people who have 5’9 height due to its standard height which is 16.5 inches and a length of 45inches.

  • Easy to carry and Adjustable.
  • It weighs up to 650 pounds.
  • Can be folded.
  • It weighs only up to 650 pounds.
  • It can only be used in a gym.

8. Pelpo Weight Bench for Full Body Workout

This best inversion table is very popular among users due to its unique features. You can have a full-body workout machine for home as the bench weight is easy to store and fold. To ensure its stability and safety the company made this wonderful product with heavy-duty commercial quality steel. It takes few minutes to assemble as it is pre-assembled. All the information that you need for installation is given so you don’t need to worry about installation. All guidelines are very clear and well organized. This is the reason it is perfect for home workouts.

It is available in black color and the size(expanded) is 54 in length, 17.7 in height, and 15 in width. Made of Steel PU leather. There are three things available in the package hardware packs, two resistance bands, and a guide manual. Its level backrest adjustment feature allows you three feet positions and six backrest positions. To help you to adjust the position according to your choice precisely it has a leg frame labeled with angles(incline, decline, or flat).

This best inversion table is quite safe and sturdy due to its triangular mechanical support. As backrest and base are made of PU leather that is why it is very comfortable, durable, and non-slip. On the side, there is carbon fiber style fiber that makes it more fashionable. Foot caps can be rotated and have a different thickness at every angle that is the reason this inversion table is more stable even on uneven ground. So if you are looking for a home gym for a full-body workout, this is the best option.

  • Easy to fold and store
  • Enjoyable
  • Affordable
  • Some users claimed missing pins or scerws

9. FLYBIRD Weight Bench, Adjustable Strength Training Bench

This best inversion table is for a full-body workout with two footpads, three seats, and seven backrests nothing to complain about in terms of comfort either. The 10.6 upgraded backrest is a pleasant addition, not present on all inversion tables, and its seat is of leather filled with soft foam. So the thickness of the backrest ensures stability and convenience. The many protective foam covers allow you to feel enveloped in a cocoon of softness. This will allow you to do any exercise with a very comfortable feeling. You can save your space up to 80 percent as its folded size is 30″ L x 16″ W x 9″ H. very easy to carry and takes only 30S to set up.

There is no need to assemble this inversion table. So you can put it anywhere you want under the bed or on the corner. It can bear weight up to 700LBS and make of very high-quality Steel. You can adjust the place according to your need and automatic lock. Its weight is 12 KG. This best inversion table is high quality 2021 bench, as many tests were passed to ensure its workout safety. Professional coach advice was considered while designing this bench. That is the reason behind its durability. Above all, it offers a feeling of security from which certain more expensive products would benefit from being inspired. So If you’re a victim of back problems and want a lightweight inversion table Flybird weight bench has got you covered. The soft foam backrest gives you all the support and softness you need. So it can be the best pick for you if you want an easy-to-carry bench for a full-body workout.

  • Easy to carry with no assembly
  • Easy folding
  • Compact design
  • It May seem a bit expensive

10. Sit Up Bench, Full Body for Home Gym

This is one of the best inversion table that you can have. This versatile workout bench has it all. You can use it to perform seven kinds of exercises. It is a full-body workout bench. To provide great support to core workouts, the sit-up bench is upgraded so you can do abdominal exercise and dumbbell workouts. Its design is solid as made of high-quality steel and foam. The leather that is used in the making is anti-slip and very easy to clean.  You don’t need to worry about its security as it features a sturdy frame. It can hold weight up to 330lbs. This product has a variety of workouts that you can do at the gym or home.

Safety and comfort are ensured by the great quality of foam cushion and knee support with PU leather. It is a good option for those who want to do workouts at small offices, apartments, and spaces. It takes no time to fold, so ideal for every type of user. Whenever you use this product, you will be pleased as it has resistance bands for arm and chest muscles exercise. It is an adjustable, multifunction bench having a function of sit up, waist bench, elastic rope, lying leg raise, waist bench and push up and learned over aback. To meet all your needs, it has 3 back positions. So this workout bench can be convenient in luxury time at home. Its intelligent folding system. You can unfold this inversion table in minutes to take up a lot of space when storing it.

  • Easy to place
  • Multifunction workout bench
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Comparatively, hold less amount of weight
  • Not so sturdy


Eliminate back pain and skeletal pain by using the best inversion table. With this equipment, you could relieve back pain by doing inversion a few minutes per week. We invite you to find the best inversion table that could satisfy you among all types of inversion tables. But you need to choose according to your environment and choice.

What is an inversion table for?

An inversion table is an exercise machine known for its three main actions: reduction of back pain, reduction of knee pain, muscle strengthening.

Are there any contraindications to using an inversion table?

It is not advisable to have an inversion table for people with a heart attack or high blood pressure. It is also suggested to test the highest weight that can accommodate both the inversion scale and its height. 

What is the price of an inversion table?

For a good quality inversion table, you need a budget ranging from 130 to 200 €. It is possible to find professional models at a higher price.

Who should not use an inversion table?

It is suggested that people who have glaucoma, a circulation disorder, and who are diagnosed with hypertension are not allowed to use best inversion table as it can increase pressure or blood flow from the head to the eye.

How many times a week should you use an inversion table?

Try to use it 5 minutes a day for two times